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As a Media member you are restricted in what you can see. For starters you cannot see any premium content, nor enjoy any of the other benefits that comes with a premium account.

Take a look at the UpSpoken Membership Levels below and register. At the very least register for the Freemium level. It is totally free, as the name suggests.

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UpSpoken is a safe, secured ecommerce-enabled premium quality website. Its content is controlled with content filtered through a three-tiered membership system. The levels are:

  • Premium membership offers full, unfettered access to our premium content areas. Membership cost is £179.91 per year.
  • Medium membership offers restricted access to our premium content for one month. Membership is renewable on an on-going monthly basis. The cost is £19.99 per month.
  • Freemium membership offers absolutely no access to our premium content. However, you get a login account and can participate in our social media and discussion forums, blogs, polls and other interactive featured areas. It is free for life but is automatically renewed every year.

All payments are safely and securely handled by PayPal. NOTE: all transactions handled by UpSpoken are insured for up to £10,000 each.