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Sharon Musgrave is a singer/Songwriter who shot to prominence collaborating with English musician, composer and record produce William Orbit.


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Sharon Musgrave is a Singer/Songwriter who was born in England of Dominican parents but raised in Canada, where she now based. She shot to prominence in 1991 whilst collaborating with English musician, composer and record produce William Orbit on the BassOMatic project.

They achieved international status with the hit Fascinating Rhythm, written by Sharon, which reached #9 on the UK Singles Chart in 1990. An album soon followed, cementing the groups worldwide status as a credible dance act and Sharon’s ability as a writer. A world tour established BassOMatic as an act that could cut it live.

In a recent interview with the UK’s Record Mirror, William Orbit, (Grammy for Madonna’s “Ray of Light”), throws accolades Sharons way saying, “I dont have to worry about playing live when I’ve got Sharon on stage with me, because she’s a consummate singer.” William adds “No worries, shes done it all. The studios my home, the stage is hers!”

In 1992 Sharon was invited by WEA to work with jazz pianist Julian Joseph. She collaborated on the ‘Language of Truth’ album singing the Curtis Mayfield song ‘The Other Side of Town’. This track was eventually used as the single from the album. The video for this track inspired a Teachers Whisky commercial, in which Sharon appeared, playing a blues singer in a 60’s bar scene, singing the classic ‘No Greater Love’. Sharon gigged with Julian promoting the Language of Truth album and touring with such jazz greats as Herbie Hancock.

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