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Rupie Dan & Jenifah Gad: roots rock reggae artists.

  • Home location: Kingston, Jamaica
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  • SkillSet: Artist, Music Producer, Singer, Song Writer, Youth Leader
  • Areas covered: Creative Arts & Culture, Entertainment, Music

Rupert's Biography

The roots rock reggae artists Rupie Dan and Jenifah Gad have forwarded onto the scene with a brand new EP called ‘Golden Spoon’. The Rastafarian husband and wife team have been making music for over three decades but took a break to focus on re/establishing roots in Jamaica to grow spiritually and live in a more organic way.

“It was a busy time but very important for us to connect and reconnect with Jamaica”, says Jamaican-born Rupie Dan. “Some of the main themes on the Golden Spoon EP are drawn from our Jamaican experiences. Jamaica has a natural mystic vibe like no other country so it was good to absorb and inject this into our music”.

The duo, however, still found time for creative collaborations in the interim. Jenifah joined the internationally renowned group Black Uhuru on a three-year contract in 2000, touring alongside famed musicians Sly & Robbie all over Europe and America.

“It was a great experience working with Uhuru and Sly & Robbie”, says Jenifah. “The knowledge gained is something that has definitely strengthened the way we approach our presentation. There’s nothing better than solid, real world experience”.

Meanwhile Rupie began working with British national charts topper Sugar Minott as part of Sugar’s Black Roots music production team. Rupie, along with Sugar, co-produced Jenifah’s single “Survival”. Now, the singing, writing and producing duo have re-emerged fresh and eager to go with “Golden Spoon” which features five superbly crafted songs.

Main features of EP include live musicians (not computer programmed and synthesized sounds), potent lyrics and sweet harmonies. All this make for an interesting listen.

The recordings made in Jamaica as well as in the UK, to achieve a harmonious blend of culture and sounds.

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