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Nia Malika Dixon has written professionally for more than two decades including articles for national magazines, a published novel, short stories, blogs, two volumes of poetry and several screenplays.

  • Home location: Baltimore, USA
  • Minimum fee: Contact us for details.
  • SkillSet: Actor, Cameraman, Community Leader, Film Director, Film Producer, Playwright, Poet, Spoken Word Artist
  • Areas covered: Broadcasting, Charities & Voluntary, Communication, Community & Youth Services, Creative Arts & Culture, Education & Teaching, Entertainment, Film, Performing Arts

Nia's Biography

Nia Malika Dixon was born and raised in Baltimore, MD, and has been a writer since the day her mother first put a pencil in her hand. Although writing has always been Nia’s passion, her mother’s emphasis on education led Nia to become an elementary school teacher.

She has taught children for more than sixteen years, and raised her own two children along the way. However, Nia’s passion for storytelling cannot be quenched.

After years of writing for national magazines, completing two anthologies of poetry, writing children’s stories, drafting a novel, writing short stories, short films, and completing two feature film scripts, Nia made the bold move to Los Angeles in 2005, to pursue the dream of reaching global audiences with her writing.

Created in 2006, the short film Temporary Loss of Power, which explores the human dynamic of power, was her first foray into filmmaking. In 2007, Nia worked on a short sci-fi film, called F*ck you, Pay Me, with indie writer-director Chris Derrick. Since then, Nia has been writing, and planning projects for her own independent production company, Audaz Entertainment.

In 2008, Nia received a surprise birthday present in the announcement of her being matched with her requested mentor, Catherine Hardwicke through the Women In Film Mentor Program. Since Ms. Hardwicke’s film Thirteen, Nia has been following Catherine as a source of inspiration for her own filmmaking career.

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