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Michael Arkk is a singer, songwriter and poet who began his career in the music industry as a gospel singer.

  • Home location: London, UK
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  • SkillSet: Poet, Singer, Song Writer, Spoken Word Artist
  • Areas covered: Creative Arts & Culture, Entertainment, Music

Michael's Biography

Michael Arkk is a Singer Song Writer and Poet. The 3rd of his parents (Rev. Lawrence and Perline Wright) 12 Children. He was born in Spalding Clarendon Jamaica at the end of the 1950s.

He began his career in the music industry as a Gospel singer. After successful tours around the United Kingdom and Europe Church circuit with his band The ‘’Channels of Praise’’ He immigrated to the UK and have settled there since the early 1990s.

Michael is now the Director of Heritage Of Ska Entertainments a group that specializes in promoting live music events. He is also Director of Events and Entertainments for Numen Records

After many years in the Music Industry Michael has gained valuable experiences as a Singer, Song writer, Poet, Records producer, and Events Promoter. He uses the knowledge he has gained to assist young people in the Music and Arts industry. Michael fully embraces the technology and adjustments necessary to succeed in the new era of Digital, Information.

Adjusting to the demands of the new age has vastly expanded the scope of Live Entertainments in which Michael as a part of The Heritage Of Ska Entertainments and Numen Records strengthens the approach to the demands of staging, recording, and promoting live music. Michael is recording his latest Album ‘’SWEET FIRE’’ set for release in the mid summer 2017.

‘’SPECIAL’’ is the title of one of the three (3) Singles that has been selected as a fore runners to promote the Album and the upcoming Tour. Michael’s Roots Soul, Gospel sound has put him in a unique place. His music is best described as Transit Roots.

The best way to enjoy Michael’s music is to be a part of his audience. His first major Live Band performance is scheduled for New Year’s Eve 2017.

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