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For Deneez Peters singing is a passion and she felt driven to share her music with the world. She wouldn’t dream of leaving earth without accomplishing this goal.

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  • Home location: London, UK
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  • SkillSet: Actor, Mentor, Model, Radio Announcer, Radio Presenter, Radio Producer, Rapper, Singer, Song Writer
  • Areas covered: Broadcasting, Creative Arts & Culture, Entertainment, Music
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Deneez's Biography

Though a lot of music lovers may think of singer Deneez Peters as a relative newbie this is not the case. She has actually been in the entertainment industry for over 10 years. She has flexed her voice in disciplines from deejaying and modelling to compering and acting. The area she decided to settle on is music. specifically reggae music.

Deneez Peters is happy to tell you about her latest project. “I’m a UK reggae artist and I’ve just had my album launch for ‘This Is The Moment’ on the 31st March at ‘The Hootananny’ in Brixton, South London,” she said. “I’ve been singing for a long time and started taking it seriously back in 1987! I didn’t do it continuously though; I took breaks along the way.

“I went into radio presenting, before that I started to do modelling and entered loads of pageants and fashion shows. I also decided to go into radio presenting and deejaying, then straight into one of our local radio stations Galaxy Radio where I presented for the best part of 12 years. And now, I also present the ‘Soul In Motion’ show at 4-6pm on Saturdays on Lovers Rock Radio.”

How did the album launch at the Hottenanny go? “It was great, I had an absolutely fantastic turnout! I was quite shocked as it was my first ever launch,” she said. “Although I’ve made an album before, it was never launched or released. I worked with my brother on the launch and we started preparing it from about December/January. It was all about promoting it, getting it out to all the DJs, local presenters, radio stations, word of mouth, flyers – a lot of work went into it. ‘This Is The Moment’ was released on 8th April and it’s now available on all music download sites.”

She’s only just getting warm on this subject. Talking about yourself and your projects. Enjoyable work. But, not only is her voice and diction clear and sparkling, her image is just right for modelling too.

“Thank you very much!” she responded. “It’s always been a passion of mine from I was a little girl, tormenting my mum when I used to watch Miss World. It’s something that I enjoy doing and still do at the moment. I’m working with Miss Teen Caribbean as a mentor/coach for girls between ages 13-17. I’m teaching them how to walk and present themselves on stage. I’m the come-to person if they have any problems and so forth. So I’m there behind the scenes with that. I’m still keeping modelling in my heart, so to speak!”

There’s a lot more. For now, Deneez will continue to focus on her music.

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Agent's Name: Erron Evans
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