Tosi Brooks

Tosi Brooks

Tosi Brooks is a singer, song-writer. writer and storyteller who enchant an audience with her beautiful craft.

Deneez Peters 1

Deneez Peters

For Deneez Peters singing is a passion and she felt driven to share her music with the world. She wouldn’t dream of leaving earth without accomplishing this goal.

Alexandria Love 2

Alexandria Love

Alexandria Love is a rising singer songwriter from Kingston, Jamaica with a musical style and pedgree that sets her on a rendezvous with success.

Benzly Hype 3

Benzly Hype

Benzly Hype is a Jamaican music artist, producer, TV producer, model and actor. He is a foundation member of the Innocent Kru.

Margaret Young 4

Margaret Young

Margaret Young is an actress, singer and performer currently based in Los Angeles, CA but born in that city of many talent Kingston in Jamaica.

Cornelia Nutsugah 5

Cornelia Nutsugah

Cornelia Nutsugah is a nutritionist, health educator, business woman and an Herbalife distributor.

Michael Arrk 6

Michael Arrk

Michael Arkk is a singer, songwriter and poet who began his career in the music industry as a gospel singer.

Zenesha Riley 7

Zenesha Riley

Zennesha Riley, more popularly known as Zenny, is a model, singer and business woman with dancehall vibes, gorgeous looks and astute business acumen.

Jovel Johnson 8

Jovel Johnson

Jovel Johnson is a singer/songwriter who started writing and singing from a young in her native island of Jamaican.

Ed Robinson 9

Ed Robinson

Ed Robinson is a record producer, musician, singer, song writer and music studio owner.


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