Deneez Peters 1

Deneez Peters

For Deneez Peters singing is a passion and she felt driven to share her music with the world. She wouldn’t dream of leaving earth without accomplishing this goal.

Alexandria Love 2

Alexandria Love

Alexandria Love is a rising singer songwriter from Kingston, Jamaica with a musical style and pedgree that sets her on a rendezvous with success.

Benzly Hype 3

Benzly Hype

Benzly Hype is a Jamaican music artist, producer, TV producer, model and actor. He is a foundation member of the Innocent Kru.

Margaret Young 4

Margaret Young

Margaret Young is an actress, singer and performer currently based in Los Angeles, CA but born in that city of many talent Kingston in Jamaica.

Cornelia Nutsugah 5

Cornelia Nutsugah

Cornelia Nutsugah is a nutritionist, health educator, business woman and an Herbalife distributor.

Michael Arrk 6

Michael Arrk

Michael Arkk is a singer, songwriter and poet who began his career in the music industry as a gospel singer.

Zenesha Riley 7

Zenesha Riley

Zennesha Riley, more popularly known as Zenny, is a model, singer and business woman with dancehall vibes, gorgeous looks and astute business acumen.

Jovel Johnson 8

Jovel Johnson

Jovel Johnson is a singer/songwriter who started writing and singing from a young in her native island of Jamaican.

Ed Robinson 9

Ed Robinson

Ed Robinson is a record producer, musician, singer, song writer and music studio owner.

Lissette Robinson 10

Lissette Robinson

Lissette Robinson is an actor, dancer, poet and performer. She studied drama at the University of Antioquia in Medellin, Colombia and teaches dance and drama.


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