Optimized UpSpoken Website Design

The UpSpoken website design or revamp, has finally happened. The site is now optimized for greater speed and the search engines love us even more.

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We are happy to announce the completion and the total redesign and revamp of the UpSpoken website design. It took much longer than anticipated and was inaccessible to the public for several weeks. We apologise for this. The learning curve was not steep but we have taken certain lessons to heart.

Michael Conally at Yush.Net handled the web redesign work. Conally first designed the entire site ‘look and feel’ in PhotoShop, and then wrote the code in a template to our specific requirements.

UpSpoken Website Design

We wanted a site that felt premium quality and luxurious yet simple and full of ‘white space’. It also had to be e-commerce ready and expandable. We got all these and more. We would highly recommend Michael Conally and Yush.Net for your web design (or other) work.

UpSpoken is now much faster and optimized for SEO. The search engines love us even better. Tell us how you love the new site. Feel free to make suggestions on how we can further improve.

Thanks in advance.

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